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Monday 16th December - Children in Years 3-6 have now been invited to wear their Christmas Mufti Outfits to school again on Monday for their Christmas Concerts. Children in Reception to Year 2 should still wear normal school uniform.

Physical Education

PE (Physical Education)


High View’s Physical Education and school sports provision is committed to giving children a balanced and challenging curriculum with plenty of opportunity to play competitive sport as well as develop skills, fitness and confidence. We have developed our own curriculum which gives all pupils opportunities to experience many different sports. In addition, children are encouraged to be regularly active through daily exercise. Our school hall, hard-standing playground and Sheen Way playing fields allow children to learn and play in the most suitable of environments and play host to a number of after school sports clubs such as netball, football, tag rugby and athletics.


Sports Premium Funding

Our funding from the government for the past year has been spent wisely on training staff to be more competent in the teaching and assessing of P.E. We have also used the funding to buy recommended schemes of work to provide engaging subject material for all pupils. Additionally more equipment has been purchased for P.E lessons to be well-resourced.


Many extra-curricular clubs are also run free of charge to allow all pupils to experience being part of a team.


'"I'm part of the netball team which is really fun because l have just joined and l'm learning new positions and at the same time l'm enjoying myself. I am also part of the tag rugby team - at first l found it peculiar because l didn't know what it was but now l really enjoy it. l am not part of martial arts but l know it's fun because you're learning something new and the teacher is fun as well as lively. There is also athletics club, l have been there before and it's really cool and active and it is something you can put all your energy into. l think the best thing about athletics club is the competitions because it is such a thrill to win for your team and the running is so fun - l love it. Outdoor PE is funny because teachers teach us in a fun way, dribbling, passing and communication. In indoor PE, l also like for example gymnastics, right now we are constructing our routine and in dance we have moves then choreograph a dance. Neenah (Year 5)


'I think the sports High View does is excellent because we're fit and active. It makes our brains healthy and makes us mindful. In PE, we learn how to communicate well and work with others. In addition, we do gymnastics, learning how to do a variety of balances. Thankfully, the teachers are aware of our safety. Last year we had the World Cup tournament which involved the whole school and was great fun. There are various after school clubs: Athletics, Martial Arts, Football club and more. Regularly we have a Daily Mile or a Jumpstart Jonny to keep us fit and healthy'. Brian (Year 5)