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Our aim at High View is to give all children access to a Maths curriculum that is meaningful to everyday life, giving them the necessary skills that they will need for future learning and living, together with confidence in their own mathematical abilities. At High View we teach Maths in line with the new Primary Curriculum. This curriculum was implemented in September 2014. It covers the four main operations in maths - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, focusing on, using and applying, counting and understanding number, knowing and using number facts, calculating, understanding shape, and measure.


The main change to the maths curriculum has been that the expectations have been made higher; children in Year 6 are now expected to complete tasks that would normally have been completed in Year 7.


Each month the children complete a times table test. This gives the children a chance to practice their basic multiplication and division skills. If they achieve 90% or more in a test they receive a certificate and move onto the next test.


The school has embarked on a new journey in Maths using the 'Teaching Maths for Mastery' style for teaching. This government backed initiative is a way to ensure that children make consistent progress throughout the year. It relies on micro-progression (small steps) and the use of concrete and pictorial resources to explore the different concepts of Mathematics.

I enjoy Maths immensely. This is due to several things, but one of them is that l get to challenge myself. Fluency, Reasoning and Diving Deeper make it easier to progress, because you can move up if you find it easy.The part of Maths I enjoy most is algebra and over the past 3 years I have extended my knowledge of that area among others.