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Art, at High View, aims to engage, inspire and challenge pupils, providing them with the knowledge and skills to experiment and create their own art work. Each year group studies an artist, designer or craftsman and completes a learning journey based on their work. For example, in Year 6, they enjoy learning about the artist, Banksy. The children research and analyse his work and then create their own Banksy inspired painting. Other artists that the children enjoy studying throughout the school include: Tony Ross, Picasso, Lowry, Kandinsky, and many more.


By the end of Key Stage 1, children will be able to name artists, designers and craftspeople from different cultures and times.  They will be able to talk about the materials, colours and different techniques they have used. When planning their own art work, children will be able to generate and record different ideas. They will then use different techniques when creating their art work and take care over the equipment. Children will also evaluate their art and say why they like or dislike their work. 


By the end of Key Stage 2, children will be able to describe, interpret and explain the work and ideas of artists, designers and architects taking into account social and historical contexts. They will use their sketchbooks to record and explore ideas from first hand observations. Furthermore, they will improve the quality of their sketchbook with mixed media work and annotations. When planning their own art work, children will develop ideas that show imagination and originality. During the making stage, children will be able to use relevant processes to create successful and finished art work, refining their techniques as they go. Furthermore, they will be able to evaluate both their own work and the professional’s work.


'In Art, I like to use paint and colouring pencils. I designed my front cover for 'Wind in the Willows' with straight and curved lines. I go to Art club with Miss Whitlock and we made poppies on poppy day." Year 2


"I like it when we create different things such as drawing and 3D pictures. In home learning, I made a collage of a stone age mammoth." Year 4


"I enjoy Art because we learn about different artists and how to draw and paint in their styles. Styles range so children may discover a new style that they are confident in, which they didn't know they were good at before." Year 6