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We had our first Art Week three years ago which was a huge success. Children looked at different artists through the decades, recreated the art work and reflected a particular decade within their designs.


In the Autumn Term 2015, we had our second Art Week. It was called Artist's Challenge Week. It involved the whole school, Nursery to Year 6 recreating famous paintings by different artists. From Mondrian to Monet, Kandinsky to Lowry, children completed high quality art work which is now on permanent display in the playground with the winning pieces displayed at the front of the school for the public to view. The week was a great success and the children's level of artistic skill and creativity was outstanding.


Sutton Guardian even came in and took photos of the artwork for the local newspaper!


'I really enjoy painting things like landscapes and changing my paintbrushes to paint shadows and boats. I have been learning about Claude Monet and know about his paintings e.g. The Field of Poppies, I have even visited the National Gallery with my family because I do a lot of drawing and love Art!' (Year 4)


'I like sketching the best. We practiced portrait techniques of famous people then I drew the other half of my face from a photo cut in half. The whole class copied a painting by Lowry onto a large canvas and this was then put up in the playground. As l enjoy art so much, l look at websites at home and practice in a sketch pad.' (Year 6)


'Art lessons are enjoyable because we are allowed to express ourselves. We have used: paint, salt dough, carving tools and polystyrene. We have also studied the work of Kandinsky and Lichtenstein. We have annotated, copied and produced our own unique art work based on these artists. I have enjoyed Art a lot more this year as we have been taught it more frequently and it has been much more challenging.’  

(Year 6)


‘This year in Art we drew e-fit sketches and we made sculptures based on the artist, Alberto Giacometti. We also made mosaics. This was my favourite piece of Art because when making the mosaic, we used grout which was something new to the class. I have enjoyed Art this year because we created different types of Art in different ways.’ (Year 6)