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Friday 14th June - Whole School Mufti Day - Donations of a bottle to the PTFA Summer Fair

Aims, Visions & Values

Opportunities to Thrive


Our Vision

High View provides an exciting and memorable journey, where each child thrives and becomes the greatest version of themselves. Our children discover and develop knowledge, talents and skills; creating a positive and lifelong impact.


Our Mission

Children are consistently engaged in purposeful and exciting learning; giving them the knowledge and values needed to thrive in the world we live in today and the world they will create in the future.


Our Aim

Through broad, balanced and diverse opportunities, our school values are instilled within each child and throughout our school community.


Our Values

Responsibility - we do what is right. We learn from achievement and we learn from mistakes; taking ownership of our actions.

Belonging - we are a diverse community where we all feel we belong.

Perseverance - we are challenged. We ask for help. We try again. We succeed.

Self-Belief - we speak up, we are heard, we create change.

Respect - we respect life, culture, property and opinions.

Creativity - we use our imagination creatively, every day.

Curiosity - we ask questions knowing there may be many answers, or no answer at all.