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Welcome to our Governors' section. 


Welcome to the High View Governing body page. Here you will find information regarding our role and how we support the school.


What is the role of the Governing Body?


The Headteacher is responsible for the day-to-day management of the school. The Governing Body are a group of volunteers who give up large amounts of their own time to support the staff and act as a critical friend by providing strategic management. They help to maintain high standards of educational achievement, manage the school’s finances, make sure that the curriculum is balanced and broadly based and aid in the appointment of staff.


The Governing Body is presently comprised of the following:



Mrs K Finnis - Foundation Governor

Chair of Governing Body


I grew up in a home where learning was always strongly encouraged but never enforced. My own mum, a retired teacher, had always given me the opportunity to support her in the classroom, so from a very early age I was aware of what happened 'behind the scenes' in schools. I travelled, lived and studied in America for several years, and while there, I worked and volunteered for the Boys and Girls' Clubs in Wisconsin. This afforded me the experience of working with young people from a hugely diverse range of backgrounds. I'd always imagined my career would end up leading me into an educational setting, however that transpired not to be the case!

I work full time for Heart of the City, one of the City of London Corporation's charities, which supports SME's to develop and embed their responsible business practices which allows me to bring experiences from a very different work setting to the Governing Body.

As a parent and step-parent to High View pupils, I had always taken a keen interest in the school, so when the opportunity arose to join the Governing Board I was glad to take the position. As part of my role I sit on the Sutton Education Trust Board and I am link governor for Maths, Literacy and science.

Outside of school and work, I spend most of my free time with my large extended, blended family and take the opportunity when it arises to run, read, cook and enjoy time outdoors.



Mrs S Richardson - Vice Chair of Governing Body

Education has always been an important and prominent part of my life. I have always loved to learn and believe education has the potential to change lives. This philosophy led me into a career in education and I have been a primary school teacher for 15 years. During this time, I have enjoyed many years educating the littlest of learners including both Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 children. I have led both core and foundation subjects and been a member of middle management. I have had experience of working alongside the borough by being a lead teacher in effective Literacy and Early Years practice. I have always had a special interest in early years education and also the role of 'the arts' on children's happiness, self awareness and self development. Before teaching, I ran drama workshops, worked in theatres and undertook drama therapy training so have seen first-hand the potential 'the arts' can offer children.


With Education featuring do prominently in my professional life, and knowing the importance of the relationship between parent, teacher and school, I was keen to play an active role in my own children's education. This was the main reason why I decided to become a Governor for High View Primary. I have 3 children currently at the school and I wanted to be involved in making sure every pupil is achieving their full potential. I feel privileged to have become a Governor and to be given the opportunity to support our community , and to contribute towards providing a high standard of education for all of the children at the school. I am a Link Governor for Early Years, Art, DT and Music and am the Governor's training representative.



Mrs J Woodcock -  Vice Chair of Governing Body

I am a registered nurse and have worked in the NHS all of my career and I have two grown up sons. I have had a great time nursing and have always been driven to provide excellent care and support to those facing the challenge of illness and their loved ones. The last 25 years of my career have been spent in nurse education passing on my enthusiasm and developing the future nursing workforce.


I decided to become a school governor as I felt the skills I had developed as a nurse educator were transferable and as I am nearing the end of my nursing career I wanted to be able to give some time to supporting the education and development of our young people. I am committed to ensuring that all our pupils get the right educational support and that we provide an environment where they can develop and achieve their potential.


Outside of work I enjoy socialising with friends and family in particular attending shows and concerts.



Mrs F Addy - LA Appointed Governor


I have been working in the NHS for over 15 years, Most of which have been in the mental health service. I am passionate about supporting those facing challenges in their daily lives because of mental health and am currently working to improve patient experiences for all those that come in contact with our services.


I decided to become a Governor to help me learn the school curriculum so I could better support my children's education and as such I am a local authority Governor which means my children do not attend the school I am Governor at. A lot of people find it strange and ask "why are you there then?". My usual response is "why not?" because it does not matter where you are a Governor the important thing is making sure you have the best interests of all pupils to ensure that they get the right educational support they need. The role has blossomed into something more fulfilling than I could ever have imagined as I can see the impact I have on the staff and pupils at the school through the little hours I give. My roles and responsibilities at High View include being Chair of the Resources Committee, the Safeguarding Governor, the link for Healthy Lifestyles  and Health and Well-being.



Mr J Driscoll - Co-opted Governor


I have three children who at the time of writing are 5 and under. My eldest two attend High View and as such l wanted to be involved to support the best outcomes for all children who attend the school.


I currently work for a local authority as a Senior Manager where l lead a team of analysts who provide intelligence and performance information for early help services.


In my spare time ( not that l have any!) l enjoy watching most sports, especially football, so go to watch my team Crystal Palace regularly.



Mrs T Adjei - Parent Governor


I am a High View mum of 11 years. My daughter is currently in KS1 while my boys have already left High View and in Secondary Schools. I am a social worker with 15 years' experience of working with 'children in need', disabled children, 'looked after' children and their families and carers. During my career l have observed the impact of holistic educational experience in children and young people's well-being and outcomes. I have a passion for equality in education, stemming from my own educational experience in Finland.


I believe children should benefit from a good day-to-day experience at school and eventually achieve their full academic potential. My professional and personal experience have provided me with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of what is required from the school, parents/carers and the child to achieve this.


I wish to contribute and give back to the wider community. I hope that my knowledge and experience will benefit High View Primary. 

I am responsible for Humanities (History, Geography and RE) and l am a link fro SEND/inclusions.



Mrs J Barnaschone - Parent Governor

Education always has been and is always likely to be a significant part of my life and is extremely important to me. I have worked with children for over 15 years in various capacities. I have been a Primary School Teacher for eleven years and have taught across all year groups in the Foundation stage, KS1 and KS2. I currently teach part-time alongside running local children's classes ad working as a freelance instructor trainer in infant massage and children's yoga. I have held Senior Leadership positions in the past and also gained over eight years of Governor experience in another local school. I am currently studying for my Masters degree in Early Years Education at the UCL Institute of Education and hope to extend my knowledge and understanding in this area of teaching and learning.


I feel very privileged to be a Governor at High View Primary School. Both myself and my husband attended the school as children and we now have two sons, one of whom is currently in Reception at High View and another who will hopefully gain a place at High View in a couple of years' time. It is important to me to play an active role in my own children's education and I am also very passionate about being a part of the wider school community. As a Governor, I am dedicated to supporting the school to meet the needs of its pupils and to ensuring that our children are reaching their full potential. I look forward to meeting and engaging with the whole school community; pupils, staff and parents in my role as a Governor.



Mr G Romaine - Co-opted Governor

I have worked in Information Technology for most of my working life starting as a trainee programmer and for over 20 years have worked as a project manager for a variety of organisations in different sectors. I have two grown up children.


My main reason for wanting to become a school governor is to give something back to the community as well as doing something entirely different from the day job and giving me the opportunity to meet new people. I hope to utilise the skills developed as part of my career to make positive contribution to children's education achievement in an era where school budgets are continually under pressure.


Outside of work as well as spending time with my family, I enjoy 'trying' to play golf and watching Crystal Palace!






Staff Members on the Governing Body

Staff Members on the Governing Body 1 Ms D Leybourne - Observer
Staff Members on the Governing Body 2 Mrs J Riches - Associate (Finance)
Staff Members on the Governing Body 3 Mrs J Rogers - Associate (Standards & Curriculum)

Governors Attendance & Declared Interests 2016/2017


Governor's Full Name

Category of Governor

Terms of office

Committees (and voting rights for Associate Members)

Positions of Responsibility

Declared interest

FGB Committee
  Liz Brailsford



 01/01/08 –    31/12/27




Standards and Curriculum

Sutton Education Trust (Co-op) Board Member 

  Headteacher   100% 100%
 David      Coomansingh   Co-opted  05/01/15 -  04/01/19


Sutton Education Trust (Co-op) Board Member

Core Subjects Governor

Forum of Sutton Governors Representative

 Chair of Governing  Board  Family member  works for school  catering  company 100% 100%
  Kate Finnis   Foundation  30/11/16 –    29/11/20

Vice Chair

EYFS Governor

Training Co-Ordinator

Chair of Resources

Subject Governor for Healthy Lifestyles

 Vice Chair of  Governing Body   100% 75%

Jody Rogers


05/01/15 – 04/01/19

Standards and Curriculum

 Assistant  Headteacher


100% 100%

Sarah Biard


02/09/16 – 01/09/20

Standards and Curriculum



100% 50%

Tracy Pillay


03/04/14 – 03/04/18

Inclusion and SEN



100% 100%

Donna Leybourne


05/01/15 – 04/01/19




100% 100%

Kelly Saini Badwal


05/01/15 – 04/01/19

Chair of Standards and Curriculum Committee

Subject Governor for Humanities



66% 100%

Farai Addy

Local Authority

15/09/15 – 14/09/19

Safeguarding Governor

Core Subjects Governor



100% 50%

Sonal Bhatt


30/11/16 – 29/11/20

Subject Governor for Humanities



100% 100%

Cleo McLaren


30/11/16 – 29/11/20

Subject Governor for Healthy Lifestyles



100% 100%

Tracey Springer


12/09/16 – 11/09/20

Responsible Officer

Subject Governor for Arts



100% 75%
Jo Riches   Associate  06/03/06 -  05/03/31  Finance  School Business  Manager   100% 100%