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Wednesday 15th January 2020 was the closing date for applying for nursery places at High View for the school year starting Sep 2020. We will still accept applications after this date but they will classed as late applications. For further details see our admissions page.




At High View elements of Geography are taught through Discovery topics studied. Children begin with learning about their own locality and features of the environment that affect them and move on to learn about other places and people in the world, making comparisons to their own lives. Through our teaching we aim to expand pupil’s geographical knowledge and develop their ability to investigate and ask questions about the world around them.


At High View we value providing children with 'hands on' learning experiences in Geography that encourage interest and enhance progress in the subject. For instance in KS1, children have the opportunity to record the weather using weather instruments, while in KS2 children survey land use in the local area and construct and erupt volcanoes. Geography learning is further enriched in school by trips to the seaside in KS1, a workshop on rivers in Year 5 and map reading activities completed by the children on the Year 4 and Year 6 residential trips.


One key element of Geography at High View is our support of the microfinance organisation KIVA. The organisation provides loans to impoverished people around the world, enabling them to begin their own businesses and improve their life chances. To support this organisation the school hosts an annual locational Geography competition, in which money is raised by administering a small fee for entrants. The competition helps to foster an enthusiasm of locational Geography in the school, which culminates in the competition final during an assembly.


'Geography lessons always give us a wonderful opportunity to explore the world around us'  (Year 6)


'In Geography l love learning about continents, countries and oceans' Joanne (Year 2)