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Orchard Childcare


About us

Orchard Childcare was established as a company March 2013. The company is run by Lisa Quested who has almost 30 years of childcare experience, the majority of which is providing and supporting a good standard of care within a school setting.


What we do

We work in very close partnership with High View Primary school to ensure the standard of care we offer to children is the best it can possibly be. We pride ourselves on our excellent partnerships with the school and with our parents. We constantly reflect on our practice and seek the views of the children, parents and staff of the school in order to enhance the service that we offer.


Choosing the team

To offer the best standard of care, we need the best possible team. We have a robust vetting process of the staff team. Staff meet to reflect on their own practice on a regular basis and as a team every half term. At the half termly sessions in house training takes place to ensure the staff team are up to date on any changes to procedure, policy or to introduce them to some of the latest childcare initiatives.

The team is supported by Lisa who visits the club on a regular basis. The club also employs a freelance childcare advisor who has Masters in Child Education and he makes regular checks on the quality of care being offered.


What we offer

At High View Primary we offer, breakfast, after school and holiday club. The breakfast club runs from 7.15am until the start of the school day. The after school club runs from the end of the school day until 6pm and the holiday club is open from 8.00am until 6.00pm during the majority of the holidays (except for Christmas, please contact Lisa on the email address or contact the manager at the group directly for more details).


What happens every day

At Orchard Childcare we believe that the child is it at the centre of everything we do and therefore our planning for activities, themes, trips and resources begins with them so no two days look the same. Alongside the wide range of art and craft materials, books, games, construction, role play, drama, songs, music, outings, outdoor play that are offered to the children everyday there is the opportunity to plan moment by moment or respond to children’s individual interests to provide them with activities that will be both fun and inspirational. The close partnerships with the school allow us to extend all the wonderful themes that the children are engrossed in at the school.


Who can attend

Only those children who attend High View Primary School may attend the breakfast and after school club. For the holiday club priority bookings will be given to those children that attend High View Primary, if the full quota is not taken up then places will be offered firstly to children who attend an Orchard Childcare facility and after this to local families.



Fees per session are:

  • Breakfast Club: £8.00


  • After School Club: £14.00 


Holiday Club:

  • £30.00 (full day 8.00am - 6.00pm)


To book an ad-hoc place at breakfast club, afterschool club or holiday club please click here and you will be redirected to Orchards booking page.


Contact us For more information and prices please email for a registration pack or call the manager on 020 8212 7312