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Design Technology

D.T (Design Technology)


We aim to teach DT at High View in an engaging way, using stimulus and ideas relevant to our children. Teachers as far as possible link the children's learning to the current Discovery. Each year group learns skills ranging from textiles and sewing to food preparation and hygiene. These skills are repeated and built upon as the children progress through the school.


Children learn about the 4 stages of creating a product:


  1. Research - children investigate examples of a finished product, considering what it's purpose is, the best materials for it and the ways it has been assembled or joined. They use this to generate their own design ideas.
  2. Design - during this stage the children create a design of their product. They need to label this with everything they will need and any important details that will aid the construction process. ICT should form a key part of this stage.
  3. Construction - at this point the children begin assembling or joining their product. This could involve levers, pulleys, glueing, taping or sewing materials together.
  4. Evaluation - children now compare their design and original ideas with the finished product. They need to be able to analyse what has worked well, whether the product is fit for the purpose and if they needed to alter their designs. It is important to be critical and say what they might change or do differently if they repeated the activity.


KS2 children also complete studies of a key inventor or invention that has helped to shape modern times.


'We used a sock. I made a Gruffalo character. We used different materials. We used feathers and foam and googly eyes' Akshaara and Harry (Hedgehogs)


'I enjoyed puppet-making because it was hard but good fun. It was a challenge.' Jack Dr (Moles)


'I think designing is interesting and I'd like more DT weeks!' Freddie (Kestrels)


' In Puppet Week we all had different tasks so we could challenge ourselves in DT' Ashyra (Woodpeckers)