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Thursday 26th May - Whole School Commonwealth Mufti Day- wear colours of the Commonwealth or national Dress. Friday 27th May - Whole School Mufti Day - Wear Red, White or Blue to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee


At High View, History is taught through exciting topics. Children are encouraged to consider the wider story of Britain, and the chronology of all history they learn. This is to ensure they understand how we, as a nation, have developed over time. They also develop their skills in historical enquiry and are encouraged to consider where historical knowledge comes from and the evidence, including artefacts, that supports it. For children to engage with the subjects, we ensure lessons are taught as creatively as possible.


Learning is enriched through school trips and workshops, often at the beginning of the topic as ‘hook days’ to engage children’s interest.


"I have enjoyed learning about the Greeks in Year 4. The Gods and Goddesses have really interesting symbols and I found out lots of mind-blowing facts."Year 4


"My favourite History experience was the Home Front Bus because it was actually around during the war which gave off a good aesthetic. It was really immersive and this made it more interesting to learn about."  Year 5


"My favourite history lesson was when we burnt the houses in year 2 to learn about the Great Fire of London. It was very memorable." Year 3