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Head Teacher's Message

Message from the Head Teacher


Speak up. Be heard. Create change - a mantra that is beginning to be vocalised amongst our children and encouraged by our staff.


We live in a climate where, more than ever, children need to be given the confidence to feel empowered to appropriately voice and act on their concerns; creating meaningful and desirable change. At High View, through the development of pupil voice groups and powerful learning behaviours, children are supported in identifying and addressing their personal needs and ambitions, as well as identifying and addressing the needs of the local and global community.


Here we recognise the deep importance of developing the whole child. Each child is supported and challenged by skilled teaching staff, striving for each child to realise their full potential. Our goal is to prepare children for the next step of their life’s journey. This may mean overcoming and celebrating challenges from hour to hour, from week to week or from year to year and beyond.


Through excellent and innovative teaching, every child is given fertile ground to strive for academic excellence at High View; this is a cornerstone of our practice. From their starting points, we strive for every pupil to make excellent progress. All staff have high standards and high expectations - aiming to develop each pupil’s essential skills and knowledge throughout the curriculum.


Although children achieving excellence in subjects such as reading, writing and maths is essential, we recognise that this alone is not enough to thrive in today’s society. As a famous entrepreneur once said ‘the future is not what it used to be’. For this reason High View strives to prepare children for the future ahead of them, whatever it may be. Through our SET Powers initiative children develop key attitudes and skills such as perseverance, respect, belonging and creativity. Each of the SET Powers prepares our children for today’s challenges, as well as future challenges.   


We are developing a dynamic and engaging curriculum where children are stretched, intrigued and motivated to succeed. Our Discovery Curriculum and investment in new technologies, allows children to learn through exploration and enquiry. Our children are empowered to ask questions in order to move their learning forward. We are pleased that Music, Spanish, sports and outdoor learning are being further developed within the curriculum. Enrichment activities, such as chess club, arts and crafts, choir and additional sports clubs are available for all.


High View is an ambitious school, with aspirational parents and children. It is our ambition that all of our children transition from year six being high school/secondary school ready; whether they transition to grammar, private, state schools or otherwise.


We enjoy the challenge of best preparing our children for their future… even if ‘the future is not what it used to be’.   


Mr Robert Claxton
Head Teacher