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Adverse Weather Contingency Plans

School Adverse Weather Contingency Plan


1. If there is adverse weather (e.g. snow, ice etc.) parents will be able to find out if the school is open as usual, operating as an Adverse Weather Day, or closed through the following means: LGfL Opencheck (, the school website (, a board placed outside the school and a Groupcall, although do not rely on a text as the system finds it hard to cope with the increase demand from so many schools at times such as this).


2. If it is an Adverse Weather day, School will open at 9.30 and normally finish at 2.30.  This may change due to the weather conditions


3. Nursery children will NOT be able to attend on adverse weather days


4. Staff have been designated to cover particular classes and work has been prepared in advance.


5. We plan on children being able to go outside for play time in the morning (weather permitting) so please send your children in with appropriate footwear, gloves, scarf etc. and shoes to change into.  A spare pair of socks and trousers may be a good idea too!


6. We plan to provide school dinners but will update the website at the same time as we inform you we are operating as an ‘adverse weather day’ and will let you know if a packed lunch needs to be brought in.