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School finishes for the summer term on Tuesday 23rd July at 1.30pm - Children in Years 1-6 return to school on Tuesday 3rd September 2019




Music at High View Primary School contributes to the life of the school and the development of the whole child. Each child takes part in class music lessons, which are well planned to encourage the development of listening, appraising, performing and composing music. These lessons are planned for all ability groups and offer equal opportunities for all children to take part. Whenever appropriate, Music is linked to other areas of the curriculum, for example Year 4 learnt about the features of Latin Music and explored playing different rhythmic patterns to link to their Latin America 'Discovery' topic.


Children are given opportunities to develop their performing skills throughout their time at High View. These include, parent assemblies, school choir performances, instrumental concerts which showcase the work of children having private music tuition, Christmas performances for KS1 and KS2, talent shows, as well as performances at larger venues such as the Royal Festival Hall.


There are opportunities for children to learn a variety of instruments through private tuition including, piano, flute and violin. 


High View also has a Junior Choir which is privileged to sing in front of different audiences. Throughout the year the choir perrform to parents and peers during concerts and school fairs. Each year they also enjoy singing to local senior residents at 'Cloverdale' in Wallington and as part of our school 'pensioner's party'. 


' l like Music because it is really interesting. l liked it when we used cups to play cup rhythms. l found it hard at the start but then at the end of the lesson l had got the hang of it.' (Year 6)


'We like Music because we work in groups and get to listen to other people's ideas.' (Year 6)


'We enjoyed it when we played chromatic scales on the glockenspeils because it was fun and interesting to learn the tune of the song 'Scale Bones.'  (Year 6)


'l enjoyed learning about different notes and composing our own street seller calls when we were learning about the Victorians'.  (Year 6)