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Religious Education

Religious Education


High View Primary School celebrates its diversity through teaching our pupils about the belief and customs of the whole community and by developing their moral sense. Children collect together for assemblies throughout the week to reflect on their learning, these take place as whole school, phase or as a class.


We encourage all children to participate in RE lessons as knowledge and understanding is extended about a variety of religions. RE is taught weekly or as a topic that relates to the Approved Borough Scheme. The content of religious education in schools is determined by SACRE (Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education). The programme of study in High View Primary is overseen by Sutton SACRE.


From Reception and through KS1 children begin to understand more about faith through


Enquiry; Always start from first-hand experience visits to places of worship, visitors, artefacts encourage questioning by pupils


Investigating; Ask relevant questions about different faiths in a sensitive manner


Interpreting; Drawing meaning from artefacts, symbols, stories, works of art and poetry


Reflecting; Reflect on one's own feelings, thoughts, experiences and relationships


As the children progress through to KS2 they continue to find out about Christianity and other religions from KS1 as well as Hinduism and Sikhism and learn to make connections with features of other religions. For example: exploring the similarities between Hanukkah and Advent. The children are encouraged to describe some religious beliefs and teachings and their importance, including festivals such as Diwali. They explore religious books such as the Bible and the Koran and the importance of these in the lives of Muslims and Christians. They learn how religious beliefs can be expressed through stories and language.


We have daily refection times when children have opportunities to explore themes such as working together, people who help us and celebrating talents. We also celebrate individual achievement at the end of the week and each phase has the opportunity to share their learning with the whole school. Two children from each class receive a good work certificate and their names are shared in the school newsletter.


'In Hedgehogs class we have been learning about thankful for everything. God's creation that he made for all of us so we can live. In christianity we wrote an Easter story. Tyler (Rabbits)


'In RE we are learning about Hinduism and we have drawn a god and we had to describe it. We had to describe a printed picture of Brahman. In christianity we wrote an Easter story' Joanne (Rabbits)


'RE is really fun because we always do different kinds of activities. First of all, l loved when we learnt about Hinduism because we tried all the spices that they ate. Also, because l learnt a lot that l didn't know about Hindusim. Diwali was my favourite session because it was really enjoyable. Every night they always pray. People who believe in diwali have festivals once or twice a year, they have fireworks, shops, food and a big party in festivals. Also girls and women dance on the big streets. Some people who enjoy diwali create different arts. I learnt all of this about Diwali. Christianity is the most popular religion and l love learning about it, especially because part of the religion has the Easter story and i like the Easter story. Christians have something called the 'ten commandments'. Everyone who believed in christianity first were jewish people. I don't believe in any religion but it is nice learning about different religions.' Pippa (Kestrels)


'RE is enjoyable because l enjoy learning about lots of different religions and learning about peoples lives in different religions. Diwali was a very interesting sunbect in RE, diwali means a firework festival of light for Hindu's. On that night hindu's pray to the hindu gods, for example Shiva lord of the dance. Also Hindu's have a large buffet party and eat lots of food. Hindu's fireworks are quite loud and sparkly, also there will be lots of light because it is the festival of light. My favourite part was learning they have fireworks. Christians mostly are across the world and the holy book of christians is called the bible. Christians celebrate Christmas, Halloween, birthdays and Easter and most christians will celebrate this. Christians follow the ten commandments which the jews follow, but christians believe that god had a son, jews didn't. Most christians go to church and pray to god, usually if christians do something wrong they will forgive by praying to god. My favourite part in christianity was writing the Easter story.My most favourite religion l learnt was christianity. I don't believe in any religion but have very much enjoyed RE.' Jack (Kestrels)