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Welcome to our Governors' section. 


Welcome to the High View Governing body page. Here you will find information regarding our role and how we support the school.


What is the role of the Governing Body?


The Headteacher is responsible for the day-to-day management of the school. The Governing Body are a group of volunteers who give up large amounts of their own time to support the staff and act as a critical friend by providing strategic management. They help to maintain high standards of educational achievement, manage the school’s finances, make sure that the curriculum is balanced and broadly based and aid in the appointment of staff.


The Governing Body is presently comprised of the following:



Mrs K Finnis - Foundation Governor

Chair of Governing Body


I grew up in a home where learning was always strongly encouraged but never enforced. My own mum, a retired teacher, had always given me the opportunity to support her in the classroom, so from a very early age I was aware of what happened 'behind the scenes' in schools. I travelled, lived and studied in America for several years, and while there, I worked and volunteered for the Boys and Girls' Clubs in Wisconsin. This afforded me the experience of working with young people from a hugely diverse range of backgrounds. I'd always imagined my career would end up leading me into an educational setting, however that transpired not to be the case! I work full time as a Payroll Project Manager and Implementation Team Leader for one of the UK's leading software providers which allows me to bring experiences from a very different work setting to the Governing Body. As a parent and step-parent of High View pupils, I had always taken a keen interest in the school, so when the opportunity arose to join the Governing Board I was glad to take the position. I chair the Resources Committee and am Link Governor for EYFS, Art, DT and Music. Outside of school and work, I spend most of my free time with my large extended, blended family and take the opportunity when it arises to run, read, cook and enjoy time outdoors. 



Mr D Coomansingh - Co-opted Governor

Vice Chair of Governing Body


 I initially became a Governor to simply get involved and make a difference to all our children's school  experience. A lot  has changed in education in the years since I took on these responsibilities, but what  has remained the same is my  belief the relationship between school and home is crucial for children to  perform well in class and enjoy their learning. I have one daughter at High View and my wife Lystra is a member of the PTFA. As a family we value  our school  community. Between family life, volunteering as Chair of Governors and my job as a Recruitment Manager, it's rare to get free time to be honest... but  whatever little i do get i enjoy cooking, watching 1970s and 80s re-runs of West Indies cricket and going to the theatre. If you would like to know more about governance at High View and how we hold the school to account, please leave your contact details with the School Office and I will get in touch. 




Mrs F Addy - LA Appointed Governor


I have been working in the NHS for over 15 years, Most of which have been in the mental health service. I am passionate about supporting those facing challenges in their daily lives because of mental health and am currently working to improve patient experiences for all those that come in contact with our services.


I decided to become a Governor to help me learn the school curriculum so I could better support my children's education and as such I am a local authority Governor which means my children do not attend the school I am Governor at. A lot of people find it strange and ask "why are you there then?". My usual response is "why not?" because it does not matter where you are a Governor the important thing is making sure you have the best interests of all pupils to ensure that they get the right educational support they need. The role has blossomed into something more fulfilling than I could ever have imagined as I can see the impact I have on the staff and pupils at the school through the little hours I give.



Mrs K Badwal - Foundation Governor


My parents migrated to England and one of the values they bought with them and passed on to me is that 'education is power'. I am an advocate of education, both in school and outside of school. My first stint at being a Governor at High View was when my eldest was at High View. I became involved in ‘Diversity Week’ and was hooked into how things were managed behind the scenes. I’ve rejoined the Governing body in 2015 and been astounded at how much things have changed in primary education. I have a son at High View. I chair the Standards and Curriculum Committee and am the Link Governor for Humanities subjects (Religious Education, Geography and History).


I work for a local authority as a senior manager. Prior to that I held senior positions with charities supporting refugees and asylum seekers, supplementary and extended schools and multiple sclerosis.


I juggle family and work and in my spare minutes I go to the gym and enjoy spinning, swimming, aerobics and Zumba. When and if I get any spare time, I do enjoy watching Bollywood movies. I like cooking and had a wonderful time during one Diversity Week when I ran a cookery class for the staff and made a powerful curry which did help cure one of the teacher's colds! 



Ms T Springer - Co-opted Governor 


I served as a Parent Governor for 5 years and have recently been appointed as a Co-opted Governor. In my role as a Governor, I am Subject Governor for Arts, Responsible Officer and also working parties as required.


l have worked in the travel industry for just over 28 years and currently work for a leading, international airline in the Sales and Marketing team. As well as my Governance role, l dedicate time for voluntary work with a charity in Sussex, where we take children away on weekend residentials. I also enjoy exercise and team sports and played netball for many years.




Mr J Driscoll - Co-opted Governor


I have three children who at the time of writing are 5 and under. My eldest two attend High View and as such l wanted to be involved to support the best outcomes for all children who attend the school.


I currently work for a local authority as a Senior Manager where l lead a team of analysts who provide intelligence and performance information for early help services.


In my spare time ( not that l have any!) l enjoy watching most sports, especially football, so go to watch my team Crystal Palace regularly.


Mr A Mian - Co-opted Governor


Mrs T Adjei - Parent Governor


Mrs S Richardson - Parent Governor


Mrs J Woodcock -  Co-opted Governor





Staff Members on the Governing Body

Staff Members on the Governing Body 1 Mrs E Brailsford - Head Teacher (ex officio)
Staff Members on the Governing Body 2 Ms D Leybourne - Observer
Staff Members on the Governing Body 3 Mrs J Riches - Associate (Finance)
Staff Members on the Governing Body 4 Mrs J Rogers - Associate (Standards & Curriculum)
Staff Members on the Governing Body 5 Mrs T Pillay - Observer

Annual Governor Statement to the School Community - June 2018


Safeguarding our children has never been more important than now. Our children enjoy so much online activity, mobile phone apps, console gaming, smart watches and tablets to name but a few. These advances in technology while helping to expand their learning can also leave them exposed and vulnerable. Governors continue to challenge High View’s Designated Safeguard Leads and fully support the school’s educating of our pupils and wider community when it comes to online safety. Governors are concerned that while the school has responsibility for online safety within its walls, it can only do so much outside of them. It is estimated that 85% of problems experienced by our pupils originate online, outside of school; Governors are proud that senior leaders take a proactive approach to sharing safe online practices with children, parents and carers.


As part of our responsibilities Governors have met with support staff on several occasions over the past twelve months. We have listened to ideas put forward by Lunch Time Supervisors (LTS) to aid them in their managing of playground activities, pupil-led lunchtime clubs and crucially the monitoring of children eating their lunches. Governors are pleased to report on the excellent work being done by our premises team who continue to improve and provide a first-rate learning environment. From new washroom facilities in nursery to classroom and playground repairs, our Premises Manager and assistant have gone above and beyond to ensure costs have been kept to a minimum and we thank them for this.


Our gratitude also extends to the School Office. The vital work they do can never be underestimated. From administering first aid to coordinating school admissions, the office team are led superbly by the School Business Manager (SBM). The School Office has seen an increased workload with applications for 30 hour nursery provision and in times of sustained, financial pressures the SBM has worked tirelessly to make sure budgets are adhered to. Indeed, as reported in last year’s statement, school finances remain very tight. Governors examine spend on a termly basis within the Resources Committee while the Chair of Governors and Head Teacher validate the school accounts monthly. In June 2018 our Local Authority (LA) Governor spent a day in the School Office to see at first hand their daily duties. The Governor then reported back to the Full Governing Board (FGB) on areas of strong practice as well as recommendations to develop.


Governors are also looking closely at the work being done by our Teaching Assistants (TA). We are analysing ways in which they work in partnership with Teachers to achieve the best possible outcomes for our children. Governors find High View’s TAs are fully committed to helping and encouraging all our children. TAs are fundamental in making sure our Special Education Needs (SEN) and English as an Additional Language (EAL) pupils are very well supported with different interventions and initiatives.


High View’s children are constantly a source of inspiration. They fill Governors with pride. Pupils have told us how they enjoy learning, how they feel safe in school and how they make the most of the opportunities they get. Our children recognise the importance of working hard. They understand the good behaviours required for learning and their books highlight progress throughout the year. Last year, for the first time, Governors conducted ‘exit interviews’ with Year Six pupils to get their impressions of life at High View. This is something Governors have now decided to do annually. This year’s cohort has given us a valuable insight into their time at High View. They told us about the respect they have for the adults who have helped them, the friendships they have built, the excitement and anxiety they feel as they prepare for secondary school but significantly the lessons they have learnt at primary school and how they feel their time at High View has prepared them well for the next stage of their education.


Governors value the chances we get to meet and speak with parents. Whether this be in the playground, at parents’ evenings, events such as Celebration Breakfasts, Christmas Concerts or the Summer Fair, parental feedback plays an important part in the decisions Governors make. In the academic year 2018/19, we will be looking to recruit new Parent Governors on to the FGB. If you are a parent of a High View pupil and would like to add your insight and professionalism to what we do, please inform the School Office and we will arrange a time to discuss how you may be able to join the Governing Board.


Joining the FGB in September 2018 will be Jacqueline Woodcock and Abid Mian both as Co-Opted Governors. Jacqueline works with the NHS and is looking forward to bringing her safeguarding expertise to the Governing Board. Abid works in finance and has particular interest in progressing children’s understanding of Maths and Science. Jacqueline and Abid both live locally and we look forward to welcoming them onto the FGB.


High View Primary is a leading school within the Sutton Education Trust (SET). Our participation in the cooperative of primary schools is truly admirable and Governors know our Head Teacher and staff play an active role in shaping the vision and direction of the SET. In Autumn 2017 we led an Art collaboration within the Trust which was exhibited in Sutton Library. We are also running a middle leadership course for school leaders. Our three Assistant Heads provide great stability at High View. It means when the Head Teacher is in meetings or away from school on other business we have strong leadership in place to make decisions. Governors acknowledge the contributions made by our Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and appreciate the efforts they make in the smooth running of the school.


Governors are also supporting various initiatives in support of good mental health. Staff receive mental health training which teaches them how to recognise stress and put measures in place to achieve a good work life balance. Governors comprehend the demands put on teachers to meet performance targets. Some of these targets are based on pupil progress and they can lead to stressful times for staff. In turn pupils and their families are also given opportunities to discuss any concerns or anxieties with both staff as well as external professionals if necessary.


The academic year 2018/19 will bring more changes. The LA have given the go ahead for consultation for a new pedestrian crossing on The Chase. We understand construction of that gets underway in Autumn 2018. There may also be changes at Sheen Way as Carew Manor consult on building a new school on the open space there as their site in Beddington Park no longer meets their needs. The new site on Sheen Way would benefit High View’s children as they will have access to new bathroom facilities on site when taking part in sports and other activities. There will be no changes to the dedicated space our children currently enjoy at Sheen Way.


Finally, Governors would like to thank pupils, parents, staff and members of the wider community for making High View the wonderful learning environment it is. We firmly believe in our whole school vision of ‘pursuing positive pathways to success’ and know this is only achievable when everyone plays their part.


Governors Attendance & Declared Interests 2016/2017


Governor's Full Name

Category of Governor

Terms of office

Committees (and voting rights for Associate Members)

Positions of Responsibility

Declared interest

FGB Committee
  Liz Brailsford



 01/01/08 –    31/12/27




Standards and Curriculum

Sutton Education Trust (Co-op) Board Member 

  Headteacher   100% 100%
 David      Coomansingh   Co-opted  05/01/15 -  04/01/19


Sutton Education Trust (Co-op) Board Member

Core Subjects Governor

Forum of Sutton Governors Representative

 Chair of Governing  Board  Family member  works for school  catering  company 100% 100%
  Kate Finnis   Foundation  30/11/16 –    29/11/20

Vice Chair

EYFS Governor

Training Co-Ordinator

Chair of Resources

Subject Governor for Healthy Lifestyles

 Vice Chair of  Governing Body   100% 75%

Jody Rogers


05/01/15 – 04/01/19

Standards and Curriculum

 Assistant  Headteacher


100% 100%

Sarah Biard


02/09/16 – 01/09/20

Standards and Curriculum



100% 50%

Tracy Pillay


03/04/14 – 03/04/18

Inclusion and SEN



100% 100%

Donna Leybourne


05/01/15 – 04/01/19




100% 100%

Kelly Saini Badwal


05/01/15 – 04/01/19

Chair of Standards and Curriculum Committee

Subject Governor for Humanities



66% 100%

Farai Addy

Local Authority

15/09/15 – 14/09/19

Safeguarding Governor

Core Subjects Governor



100% 50%

Sonal Bhatt


30/11/16 – 29/11/20

Subject Governor for Humanities



100% 100%

Cleo McLaren


30/11/16 – 29/11/20

Subject Governor for Healthy Lifestyles



100% 100%

Tracey Springer


12/09/16 – 11/09/20

Responsible Officer

Subject Governor for Arts



100% 75%
Jo Riches   Associate  06/03/06 -  05/03/31  Finance  School Business  Manager   100% 100%