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Attendance & Absence

Attendance and Absence


School Attendance From September 2015 to July 2016
Number of compulsory school age pupils in September 2015
(This figure does not include all the children in the Reception and Nursery classes)
Percentage attendance 96.6%
Percentage of authorised absences 2.7%
Percentage of unauthorised absences (including term time holiday) 0.7%



All absences and their reasons have to be recorded. It is essential that the school is notified about ALL absences. We request that parents telephone us by 9.30am on the first day of a child's absence.

Arrival after 9.30am is considered to be an absence.


Hospital and clinic appointments

When these occur in school time, parents are requested to let the school know in writing as early as possible, and when collecting your child please call at the school office and sign them out using the electronic system.



Parents are asked to arrange family holiday during the 13 weeks of school holidays. Holidays during term time are disruptive. Children miss out on learning and have to "catch up" when they return. This means that teachers have to spend time covering previous learning for children who have returned from holiday. This causes inconvenience to other children. If this is unavoidable and the reason is exceptional, permission has to be sought from the Head Teacher before booking by completing the "application for special authorised absence form" obtainable from the office. Other than exceptional circumstances, term time holidays will be unauthorised and subject to fixed term penalty fines. Evidence is requested of air tickets booked to confirm dates of leaving and returning.


The school will discourage such requests and serve Fixed Term Penalties on parents who take their children out of school in term time more than once.

Attendance Officer

The Attendance Officer visits the school regularly to monitor registers, note absences or late attendance and discuss problems with staff. They are always willing to visit parents and to give advice and discuss difficulties. The Attendance Officer is a valuable link between the school and other agencies. Contact may be made through the school or directly through the Education Department (0208 770 5000).


With effect from 1st September 2016 the following changes to the Attendance Policy will be introduced.


  • The school will Follow Government guidance with regard to requests for Special Authorised Absence in term time and leave will only be granted in exceptional circumstances and at the Head Teachers discretion.
  • The school will refer any parent who takes their children out of school for unauthorised leave to the Borough Attendance Office who will consider imposing a Penalty Notice on those parents.


Can we remind parents that you are expected to complete a form from the Office requesting exceptional term time leave and show proof of your journey. The is part of a drive to improve Attendance even more and to give our children the maximum time in school to increase their progress and attainment.