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In Key Stage 1, children learn about the recent past focussing on houses and toys. In Year 1, the children take part in a toymaker workshop to give them an understanding of how toys are made. In Year 2 the children study the causes and effects of the Great Fire of London and support their learning with a visit to the Museum of London. Here they participate in storytelling and drama sessions all about the Great Fire of London.


In Key Stage 2, each year group gets a wide scope of history. They study a period of British history before 1066, an ancient civilisation from around the world, and either an aspect of British history post-1066 or the local area. The British units are delivered in chronological order, from the stone age right up to the settlement by the Vikings, Normans and Scots, to build-up the children's understanding of the story of Britain and how it developed over time. By studying Ancient cultures, such as the Greeks and Indus Valley, the children begin to understand how foreign civilisations affected modern life. Finally, by studying aspects of British history over time, such as leisure and entertainment, the children are able to see development over a much larger scale of time.


To really hook children into their learning trips and theatre groups are booked at the beginning of units. It gives the children a good base for their knowledge and engages them with their learning. In Year 3 the children visit Butser Farm to learn about the iron age settlements, Year 4 are visited by Ancient Greek Time Travellers as part of their Ancient Greece unit, Year 5 explore the Tower of London as they begin their study of the local area and Year 6 spend a day in role as Vikings and Normans as they begin their unit of British history.


Children are encouraged to consider the wider story of Britain, and the chronology of all history they learn, to ensure they understand how we have developed over time. They also develop their skills in historical enquiry and are encouraged to consider where historical knowledge comes from and the evidence, including artefacts, that supports it.


"I enjoyed our work on World War 2 because l learnt more facts. Going to the museum was really fun because they had history from long ago"  Year 5


"I have enjoyed learning about World War 2 and going to the Imperial War Museum also meeting the 3 evacuees, hearing their stories was very inspirational" Year 5


"I really enjoyed learning about the Greeks and how Sparta and Athens were at war" Year 4