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Pupil Leadership

Pupil Leadership Groups

Speak Up, Be Heard, Create Change!

We represent the views of our class.

We have ideas that will improve our school and make learning more fun.

We have a passion to create purposeful change as well as improve what is already working well at High View.


Pupil Voice Group - Job Descriptions

Eco Squad

  • To support the school in continuously improving our environment;

  • To improve our green learning areas for children, staff and wildlife;

  • To attend meetings with Miss Ambro to discuss environmental issues;

  • To carry out various roles in the school including collecting the recycling, completing litter picking to keep our school grounds tidy;

  • Encourage all members of the High View community to be good at recycling, saving energy, conserving resources and caring for the environment.

Junior PTFA

  • Meeting regularly to discuss PTFA events such as fairs and discos;

  • Discussing how money raised from events should be spent;

  • Think of ideas of how to raise money for us as a school;

  • Working closely with Miss Clancy, Miss Whitlock and members of the PTFA to speak up, be heard and create change within our school community!

Learning Council

  • Meet children from other schools and share ideas about fun lessons and projects;

  • Tell teachers what you feel about homework and suggest changes;

  • Tell teachers what you think about the way your work is marked and suggest changes;

  • Suggest ideas that can make our learning even more interesting, unique and engaging.

Lunch Hall Ambassador

  • Help and encourage children to scrape plates;

  • Show children how to cut up their food and hold a knife and fork;

  • Blow whistle and hold up card in the playground;

  • Support children to tick their name off the list;

  • With the help of teachers, make sure children with allergies take a band;

  • Encourage good table manners.

Playground Ambassador

  • Set up activities for children to play;

  • Encourage children to join in with activities;

  • Look out for children feeling lonely;

  • Demonstrate how to use equipment safely.