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Wednesday 15th January 2020 was the closing date for applying for nursery places at High View for the school year starting Sep 2020. We will still accept applications after this date but they will classed as late applications. For further details see our admissions page.

Familiarisation Tests

To make the 11+ seem less intimidating, it helps to familiarise children with the style and format of the test. Tackling a practice paper under timed conditions gives children valuable experience of managing their time effectively. It can help them to develop an approach to the test that ensures they have enough time to answer every question. A practice test score will also create a picture of your child’s strengths and weaknesses, giving you a clear understanding of how you can help them. Achieving a good score in a practice test can also boost a child’s confidence and reduce their anxiety in the run up to the examination (ref: GL-Assessment)


Below are some frequently asked questions relating to the familiarisation test process:

Q. How can I get to High View Primary School for the familiarisation tests?

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Q. Will there be parking available at High View Primary School?

A. Yes, the school playground will be open for parking and you will be directed on where to park upon your arrival. Parking is also available on the road but please ensure that you are considerate of the school's neighbours by avoiding blocking driveways or roads.


Q. Where will the familiarisation tests be held?

A. They will be held in the main hall or suitable classroom. Upon arrival, your child will be signed in at the school foyer and then accompanied to the hall by one of our Governors. Parents will not be allowed to accompany their child to the hall. Children must be collected at the stated end time by a responsible adult and will not be permitted to leave the premises by themselves.


Q. How do I get the results and when will they by published?

A. The results for Test A will be available shortly after the final Test A session has taken place on 15th June 2019. Test B results will be published as soon as possible after the final session on 29th June 2019. Results will be sent by email (using the email address provided at the time of booking).


Q. What is the pass mark for the test?

A. There is no pass or fail mark. All students will be given their raw score which will enable you to see how they performed on the tests.


Q. If my child does well in the test will he/she be offered a grammar school place?

A. No - not as a result of this test. These tests are run by the school as part of their preparation for sitting secondary school entrance exams in Year 6. The familiarisation tests are in no way related to the Selective Eligibility Test or any other school entrance exams and you must apply for those separately. The results of these familiarisation tests play no part in who school places are offered to.


Q. How long will the tests take?

A. There is an English and Maths paper each lasting 40 minutes. There will be a short break of approximately 15 minutes between the papers to allow children to go to the toilet.


Q. What will my child need for the tests?

A. In addition to their candidate details which will be given nearer the time, your child should bring 2 HB pencils, a ruler, and an eraser (a pencil sharpener is optional) in a clear pencil case. Water may be taken into the exam if it is in a clear unlabelled bottle. No food, mobile phones, smartwatches, calculators or other bags are allowed in the hall during test sessions.


Q. Are the exams in multiple choice format?

A. Yes. Both the English and Maths papers will be multiple choice.


Q. Does my child have to be in Year 5 to sit the tests?

A. The tests are not appropriate for children who are not in Year 5.


Q. Is my child eligible for a free familiarisation test?

A. If your child gets free school meals or their school receives pupil premium funding for your child you can speak to your child’s school to discuss applying for a place on your behalf.


Q. How many tests can I book for my child?

A. One set of English and Maths papers will be delivered on Saturday 15th June and another set on Saturday 29th June. You can book your child in for either of the dates or both. Each session booked is charged at £30.00.


Q. I have a question about the familiarisation tests that is not answered on this website. Who should I contact at the school to answer my question?

A. Please send any queries to who will then forward your questions to the relevant member of staff.