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Friday 24th May - PTFA Mufti Day in support of Summer Fair, children can wear mufti in exchange for a £1 donation to PTFA.


If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below. 

Admission Arrangements 

All prospective parents are encouraged to visit the school whilst it is in session. In this way it is possible to appreciate the true nature of our school. All children begin in Reception in the Autumn term of the year that they have their fifth birthday. Entry dates are staggered carefully throughout the beginning of the Autumn term so that the children can be introduced and settled gradually.


If the school is oversubscribed, priority will be given to children fulfilling the following criteria in the order listed.


  1. Looked After Children and previously Looked After Children.
  2. Where there are professionally supported medical reasons or exceptional social reasons why a child should attend a particular school.
  3. Where applicants have a sibling in the school at the time of admission.
  4. Remaining places are offered on the basis of proximity to the school, measured in a straight line from the child’s home address to the main entrance of the school building, with those living closer to the school receiving higher priority.


For the admission of children during the school year, the same list of criteria applies if there are spaces in the desired year group. If there are no places available, parents can put their child’s names on a waiting list at the Borough’s Admissions Department.




Nursery 2019/2020 Applications


Applications for Nursery places for 2019/2020 are now open and will close on 15th January 2019. Applications will be dealt with directly by the school. A copy of our Nursery application form, application guide booklet, FEF and Nursery Policy are available below for you to download.